Technology/Applied Science Fair
A relevant competition for the 21st Century Learner


TAS Fair is a unique competition for Kindergarten thru 12th grade students.  It's singular focus is computer technology.  Think "Tech Start-Up meets Science Fair Competition" when imagining TAS Fair. Kids can compete in teams as well as individually!

The Purpose

TAS Fair was created to provide a inquiry based competition to use the intrinsically motivating subject of computers to motivate student learners in math and computer technology while paired with a personal passion.  

The Philosophy

We are all driven to learn when there is a need or perceived need.  Kids have no problem learning a video game because they want to succeed so why can't they learn how that video game works and even make their own?  We believe they can and we're providing the opportunity to for kids from around the world to prove themselves at TAS Fair.

As People, we seek out answers to help us succeed.  TAS Fair drives students to a self-selected model for learning (... our team needs to learn coding to get our App up and running...) rather than a requirement based model for learning (... students must be proficient at key boarding by age...).  

 So rather than being assigned or required to learn, students drive themselves to the learning so they can win.  This self-selected learning or competitive learning is a much richer, deeper level of learning because it helps create meaning from an experience.  If you think about it... competition is the foundation for learning and progress around they world.

The Competition

Students may compete at a number of different age/grade levels as well as in three broad applied science categories depending on their level of knowledge and their dedication.

Judges from local technology based companies do the judging and the winners are selected!

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Scott Bedley is the creator of TAS Fair. 
To find out more about Scott, visit his website.